Mag. Dr. Marcel PILSHOFER
attorney at law

office address:
Inzersdorf-Kirchenplatz 1/2/1
1230 Vienna

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phone: +43 (1) 236 79 95
facsimile: +43 (1) 236 79 95-9
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Generally, I render legal advice and representation in all areas of Austrian and European law …

… Mainly, I offer the following services in the practice of law:

administration law and administrative fines law
You have received an administrative fine (e.g. for driving too fast), the permission requested by you has been declined, or the authority is revoking your trade license? Then, you capitalize of my 1-year job as jurist in the administration of the Vienna municipal authority. You further profit from my sound vocational training in several law firms, where I have successfully looked after both businesspeople and private persons in administrative proceedings. If the authority “switches on stubborn”, it perhaps works to have an administrative fine or administrative decree be tilted by the constitutional or the administrative court, or, at the same time, it even turns out well to have a law or regulation repealed on which the appealed decision was founded, because of its inconsistence with constitutional law. I am highly experienced in drafting complaints to both the constitutional and the administrative court, of which I make use for you.

civil and business law
You have purchased a house which afterwards proves to be deficient, have had a repair badly carried out, or have suffered damage by a traffic accident? Those or similar events can unfortunately result in legal disputes of a civil law kind between the involved persons. Thanks to my litigation experience, I quickly find out your legitimate claims and provide their putting through. In the course of my vocational training I hat the opportunity to provide advice and support for many businesspeople. Hence, I am especially concerned about the professional representation of businesses into legal disputes from their enterprise activity, in which I pay special attention to the peculiarities of the respective business entity. In the course of a civil suit, faults may happen easily – as your lawyer I know well what to care about to avoid that your right “slips away from your hands” in the course of civil proceedings.

insolvency law
Due to my vocational training at liquidators in bankruptcy proceedings (former “Masseverwalter”, now called “Insolvenzverwalter”), I am familiar with the handling of insolvency proceedings (“Konkurse”, “Schuldenregulierungsverfahren”, former also “Ausgleiche”). Of these skills I make use at claim collection as well as at seeking a “way to get rid of a mountain of debts”.