Mag. Dr. Marcel PILSHOFER
attorney at law

office address:
Inzersdorf-Kirchenplatz 1/2/1
1230 Vienna

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phone: +43 (1) 236 79 95
facsimile: +43 (1) 236 79 95-9
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What my services cost

For lack of agreement, my entitlement to fees is founded in the Attorneys` Tariff of Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltstarifgesetz, RATG). Outside the scope of application of the foresaid law, I am in such case entitled to a fee that is adequate in the individual case. Albeit that, I clear the “matter of fee” in principle before the client places a mandate. In any case, I thereby seek for a mostly fair base of fee for both sides. Such fee might be agreed as a comprehensive fee or at an hourly rate, depending on the individual circumstances. You may look up details on lawyer`s fees here.

a lawyer´s support might pay off …
It does not happen rarely that people avoid engaging a lawyer because of the apparently unfathomable costs. Unfortunately, they thus also throw away chances that could have easily been realized through the support of a lawyer. In such cases, the drawbacks suffered can weigh far more heavily than the fees that were saved thus. Sometimes, there further exists the possibility to get the fees spent refunded from the opposite side afterwards, provided that your standpoint in a proceeding is found to be justified. The fees that you invest into me can therefore absolutely be worthwhile.

I do not just inform about my fees …
I advise you about the success risk at the very beginning and calculate/estimate the costs of a possible strategy. The implementation of the latter does not only require the costs of my services, but often also the expenses of the switching-on of courts (law charges, fees of sworn experts and witnesses etc) or other authorities (e.g. for obtaining permissions), as well as further expenses for translations, copies etc, which you would even have to pay if you “try your luck” without me.

a fair fee if a lawyer`s support pays off …
I stand at the price of my service. The latter depends on the complexity of work and the monetary value of the disputed right . The optimal pursuit of a strategy often requires the checking of documents, information, and sometimes of rare legal provisions – all that, of course, needs time and the utmost care. At this, a lawyer faces a very severe liability, since he or she is responsible for the knowledge of the complete law. This strict standard of care can`t be made subject of negotiation – after all, the possible damage thus caused would not be foreseeable for you. Through payment of my fees, you automatically get insurance against the risk that “something goes wrong” because that standard of care hasn`t been met. In my office you get informed at the first meeting, respectively when getting first in touch, about the benefits and the probability with which they might occur, and, by comparison, also about the approximate expenditure and the risk. Due to that fact, the first meeting and the first check of the case can`t be offered to you free of charge (as it is the case with many other lawyers).